Become a Peapod Affiliate

Paid Search and Paid Inclusion Policies protects its trademark and does not allow any trademark term bidding without express permission on any Search Engine or Paid Placement service or site. This included but is not limited to Google, Yahoo, Ask and other similar services.

Expressly protected trademark terms include the ‘Peapod’ name or any derivation or combination thereof.

Restricted keyword List:

Pea pod (spacing in word) coupon discount

Negative Keywords:

Any combination of keywords used must include the negative search term "-peapod" to ensure that your ads do not display when our brand term is searched in combination with any allowed keywords.

For Example:
Keyword "home delivery coupon" as a search term must include "- peapod" to ensure your ad does not display when consumers search for "peapod home delivery coupon"

Advertising and Linking to Peapod

None of the restricted words may be displayed in the Headline or Body of your advertisement.
The display URL may not be used in the advertisement.

At no time will direct linking to our home page be allowed, as this competes with our own brand search engine marketing.

You MUST have a non-redirected page destination for Pay Per Click traffic to land on.

You may use trademarked terms in the Display URL of Paid Search Engines ONLY if they are displayed after the "slash" following a URL that you own.

Forbidden Display URL Examples:

Approved Display URL examples

Promoting Peapod

We recommend that you promote as a local home delivery service. There are thousands of high traffic and long tail keywords available and we do not compete on these.

For illustration purposes we include a selection of recommended keywords and keyword combinations.

  • Recommended keywords:
  • Online groceries
  • online delivery
  • grocery delivery
  • Home shopping delivery
  • Delivery coupon
  • Groceries coupon
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Office shopping service
  • Business groceries
  • Business groceries shopping service
  • States we service include:
  • Chicagoland
  • Milwaukee & SE Wisconsin
  • Northwest Indiana
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Washington
  • DC
  • Maryland
  • Virginia

Combining keywords with states and cities we service can provide you with long tail keyword combinations e.g. Chicagoland grocery delivery. Further local targeting can be achieved by combining city level searches e.g. Chicago grocery delivery.

All violators will be terminated and your commission will be surrendered to the company.